Degens dice
Our entire monetary system is nothing but a form of legalized theft. Gamble, invest and hustle yourself out of it.
What is Degens Dice?
Degens Dice is a Bitcoin Ordinal Collection for high-risk takers. The more degenerate, the better. Experiencing the thrill of the minor possibility of a significant financial gain. Gamble your possessions away, own nothing, and still be unhappy. Go big or fuck off.
LegendaryLegendary3D, Diamond eyes, golden cheat dice and matching face values
EpicEpic2D, White eyes, Gold or Silver dice and matching face values
RareRare2D, White eyes, matching dice colours and matching face values
UncommonUncommon2D, White eyes, matching dice colours but mixed face values
CommonCommon2D, White eyes, mixed dice colours and mixed face values
Why should I buy this shit?
Because you're a degen who loves the possibility of a 100x return, no matter how small that chance might be.
How to buy these extremely epic dice?
Mint from or buy from a marketplace afterwards.
We'll let you know through Twitter when and where to mint. Maybe never. We're not sure.
What do I need for the mint?
Get a bitcoin ordinal wallet i.e. okx, unisat or xverse.
Is this project even real?
If it can make you money, doesn't that make it real enough?
Will this project make me rich?
Time will tell. At least there's a chance. Working and paying taxes guarantees you that you stay poor.
Is there a 100x potential?
Roll the dice.
How to prove I'm a real degen and worthy of this epic project?
You've repeatedly vowed that when your portfolio hits value X, you'll cash out in full. Yet, when that moment comes, you're blindsided by the potential for even greater gains. The promise of further profits seduces you, and selling suddenly loses its charm.